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Post by ρo¿☆кnιgнт on Tue Jun 29, 2010 4:59 am

::Our clan's Requirements and Rules::

*This is a Battle only clan

Be available when you are needed.
You do not have to speak or write English perfectly.
..you should have a Br around +7500.
When it comes to hacking, no hacking is allowed, except when you are being attacked by a HACKER.
The leader " ♥Uni~ " or the Co-leader "ρo¿☆кnιgнт " will be revising your application.
If you’re not accepted , you can apply for a second chance.
When you are accepted you should have the clan's symbol next to your name ρo☆...
Enjoy yourself, know that we will always have your back
* Once you've joined our clan, it is prohibited to join other clans in MKW*
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